Monday, December 12, 2011

Your Questions Answered - 12/5-12/11

First, I'd like to let you know that Thursday's post will be all about 1996 girls and their Olympic chances, since literally eight of you asked about that!

Lindsay & Zoe asked about what happened to Ivana Hong. 

The last time we saw Ivana Hong after winning the Bronze Medal on beam at the 2009 World Championships was at the 2010 WOGA Classic. In March of 2010, Ivana tore her ACL during a vault verification at the American Cup Selection Camp. In October of that year, she reported that she was working skills on beam and on trampoline. After committing to the Stanford Cardinals gymnastics team, Ivana Hong did not compete in the 2011 season. I do not anticipate her returning to elite gymnastics.

Jackie asked "Are there any current 11-year-olds who will be age eligible for the 2016 Olympics that you think have the potential to make an impact?"

While we're still a LONG ways from the 2016 Olympics, the only 2000 baby who comes to mind is Elena Spenger. She won the 2011 Hopes Division of the US Challenge and had a 14.4 on beam earlier in the season. I'm sure that there will be many more to come that will make a big splash in the coming years! 

Hilde, Rachel and Jeremy asked if McKayla Maroney is training a Triple Twisting Yurchenko.

I have not officially heard whether or not McKayla is training a TTY. In a fall 2011 interview with Get a Grip, she stated that if her body were capable of anything, she'd compete the skill. She also told several sources after worlds that she'd like to add another half twist to the vault. My gut's telling me that she'll compete the Triple at some point during the 2012 season, even if it's not consistent. 

Jessica asked what happened to Lizzy LeDuc. 
Lizzy LeDuc injured her elbows prior to the 2011 Elite Season. In late fall of this year, she moved to Zenith Elite, the same gym that McKenzie Wofford competes for. Although she was rumored to have dropped down to Level 10 (she reportedly told Valeri this upon leaving), she is still training as an elite and she attended last month's National Team Training Camp. 

Keep on sending your questions! This will be the last Monday edition until the new year, but I'd love to get LOTS of new questions to start the year off right! 

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