Tuesday, December 27, 2011

11 Worst Leotards of 2011

11. Sarah Finnegan (GAGE), Day 2 of US Championships - Photo Credit USAG

10. Elsa Garcia (Mexico), Pan American Games AA Final - Photo Credit AP 

 9. Sarah Finnegan (GAGE), Day 1 US Championships - Photo Credit USAG

8. Sophina Dejesus (SCEGA), US Classics - Photo Credit Gym Examiner

7. France, Unknown Meet 

6. Shawn Johnson (Chow's), US Classics - Photo Credit Couch Gymnast

 5. Vanessa Ferrari (Italy), Unkown Domestic Meet 

4. Ashley Foss (North Star), US Classics - Photo Credit Couch Gymnast

 3. Lauren Mitchell (Australia), Worlds Team Final - Photo Credit AP

 2. Khyla Pottenger (Arete), US Challenge 

1. Huang Qiushuang (China), Worlds Bar and AA Finals - Photo Credit Couch Gymnast


  1. didnt think shawns was that bad, was nice to see something different that wasnt generally awful

  2. I'm probably the only person on this planet but I really like HQS's leo. She can wear anything :) The skin-colored mesh is a little weird but other than that it looks good. Not everybody would look good in this leo but she certainly makes it work :)
    The skin-colored one from Ashley Foss and Khyla Pottenger's are far worse IMO (one sleeve??? WTF?!)

  3. French team did not wear this leo during world prelims but this one (http://gymnet.org/forum/files/fgjg_143.jpg)Don't know if this one deserve to be in your list ;)

  4. I think Ferrari is queen of these lists, unfortunately. Maybe it's a good thing she doesn't like wearing sleeves - imagine what the arms would look like! I agree with 21najafast about HQS - I like how individual her leo is and for once, it doesn't involved red!

    I think the only one I legitimately disagree with is Elsa Garcia (it's your #10, labelled Ana Lagos). I liked this leo so much better than the Mexican leo during Worlds, which most people loved. This one reminds me of Mexico and something you would find in that area, in the architecture, in the buildings.

  5. I am going to be stoned but I love HQS's leotard - it has nice colours for once and whereas people on the couchgymnast would say "there is a lot going on for a leotard" I like that she brings something fresh and new to the sport. I much prefer it to other chinese gymnasts who just keep on wearing the red-gold ones which were apparently given to every single girl ever in contention of the world team.
    Lauren Mitchell's leo obivously matched her floor routine - randomly selected bits and pieces which could have been nice but turned out to be a desaster when they were mixed. Pink and orange clash like stag jumps after tumbling passes (unless you are chinese, in which case you are allowed to have hideous colour combinations or Atler/Izbasa which makes you the only people capable of doing jumps out of tumbling passes whitout looking like morrons)
    Poor Shawn was trying very hard to make this weird arm thing work and went for it a second time and it resulted in complete and utter failure once again. Give it up already, we enjoy your gymnastics but you seriously should overthink your choice of wardrobe. I get it, in the last three years you've seen the world, become a TV show star and a completely different person and probably reached illumination too. I don't care, moving on to something I care about - gymnastics. If your leotard outshines your performance you've done something seriously wrong and probably spent too much time in your closet and not enough actually trying to stay on the beam.

  6. I don't agree with 10., 8. and 7. For the rest: yes!

  7. Very origional post idea you have here

  8. I don't think that French picture is from this year. The girl on the left looks like a baby Youna Dufournet to me...

  9. i personal think Jordan Wieber's Leo at Visas (the gold one)

  10. Ferrari's leo at the 2012 Test event (which she also wore in 2011) was way worse than this one!!

  11. Obviously this was a million years ago but I read somewhere - I'm assuming it was Blossom seeing as I don't read Chinese - that Huang Quishang actually means 'yellow autumn leaf', which is why she had them on her leo. It doesn't make it prettier, but it does explain it a little bit.