Decoding the Code : A Beginner's Guide

This guide is not yet completed. More pages are to come! We can call this the "Beta Version". Please give feedback! 

Welcome to "Decoding the Code : A Beginner's Guide"! Although I do not consider myself a master at working with the code, I have a working understanding and can typically figure out how the gymnasts will score. This guide will (hopefully?) help you get there as well. 

The Elite Women's Code of points is an exceptionally extensive document (192 Pages!) and I would suggest that you download it because this site will NOT give you everything that you need. You can download the code from FIG's Website

Gymnasts are essentially judged based on 2 scores, the D score and the E Score. 

The Difficulty (D) Score starts from zero takes account for how difficult the gymnast's routines are: 

The Execution (E) Score starts from Ten and represents how well the gymnast performed the routine. It consists of:
Landing Faults
Execution Faults
"Apparatus Specific Deductions" 
And the ever important "Artistry" 

There's also a third category called "Neutral Deductions" (ND). This is the score that appears if you step out of bounds on Vault or Floor or if you go overtime. 

Are you ready to get started?!