Thursday, December 22, 2011

6 Gifts I'd Like to Give this Season

I'd like to give a class with a legitimate dance instructor on turns to the US National Team. We can exclude Vega, Maroney, Wieber and maybe a few of the juniors, but many of these girls SERIOUSLY need to clean up their turns! 

I'd like to give Vanessa Ferrari a long sleeved leo. Any long sleeved leo, as long as she promises to wear it in the AA/Event Finals of her next international competition. I don't know if she's more comfortable in short sleeves, but it drives me crazy! 

I'd like to give Lindenwood Head Coach Gretchen Goerlitz the perfect addition to her 2012 recruiting class. She's still looking for 2-4 recruits that she can add to her lineup. Could it be you? Fill out the recruiting questionnaire!  

This gift is courtesy of Jessica (@bportgym1). She had the idea to give Katelyn Ohashi a book on Chinese Ethics, hopefully coercing her onto the Olympic Team! :) 

I'd like to give Marta Karolyi 15 Plane Tickets to anywhere outside of the US to use before July 1st. Hopefully she can send some people to international assignments!  

Many of you gave your opinion about what to give Komova! (There are actually too many to mention, but nearly all of these are from you all!) I decided to give her a bathroom cabinet... complete with advil for her "sore loser", caffeine pills, hair conditioner, and for good measure, although it wouldn't be in a bathroom cabinet, an ice cream sundae! 

What gifts would you like to give this season?

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  1. haha Maroney sometimes falls out of her double turn.. And the only reason why Wieber has no trouble with her triple turn is because she keeps her leg down at the ground. Basically, none of these girls have decent ballet backgrounds... Combine that with the fact that they are tired during their floor routines and are trying to spin on carpet, and you get may crappy turns. It really makes you appreciate when you see someone do a great one. It's hard!

  2. Plus leg up double turns are just too hard in general, I feel.

  3. My biggest wish is for Mihai to give Aly a decent bars coach. I don't think she'll become a 3-event gymnast, so we might as well help the girl out! There's a video of Kayla Williams doing a decent bars set. If MLT can help Kayla, there has to be someone that can help Aly and all other girls that will come from Brestyan's in the future (Talia Chiarelli too!).

  4. All the women need desperately need ballet instruction. It is just utterly sad. Travis wall won't fix Nastia's issues either. Just bring in Ethan Stiefel to give them all lessons.

  5. I am a dancer and I was wondering if ANYONE else notices the way Aly does her pirouette? It drives me nuts- she cheats it! She preps and twists back to gain momentum (as all gymnasts do, which is another cheat) and then she pushes her turning leg onto releve before she begins the turn (In plain english, that means she goes onto the ball of her foot to turn before she starts turning)!

  6. Yes! It drives me NUTS!!!