Friday, December 16, 2011

Fresh Face Friday - Texas Dreams Gymnast Macy Toronjo

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Quick Facts :
Name - Macy Toronjo
D.O.B - July 1, 1997 (Senior in 2013)
Gym - Texas Dreams
Coaches - Kim Zmeskal, Chris Burdette and Tiffany Tolnay
High School Class - 2015

Macy Toronjo is one of the 7 juniors at Texas Dreams who qualified to Championships. With a seemingly relentless smile and a unique style on beam and floor, Macy is one to watch.

After spending most of her JO Career at WGA Texans (where LeDuc, Key and Guerra all came from), Macy moved to Texas Dreams in June 2010.

I first took notice of Macy at the 2010 US Challenge where she placed 2nd in the all around. While her difficulty wasn't the highest, there was just something about her that you couldn't help but like. When she qualified to Championships this year, I knew that fans would adore her magnificent technique and glowing attitude.

This girl is going to be one hell of a college gymnast! (Miss Val, Jay, Greg, Are you listening?!) She's hoping to compete in college and her parents are planning to take her to tour campuses in the near future. 

Here's a Q & A with Macy!
What do you see as your biggest strengths and weaknesses? 
"I feel my biggest strength is that I'm powerful but still flexible. Having confidence in myself is often my biggest weakness."

How would your coaches describe you?
"Nice, Hard Worker. Kim has said I am a fighter."

What's your favorite competition you've competed in? 
"Legendz Classic as a Level 9 with WGA Texans. I got to be on the Nastia Liukin Team (2009). It was so fun!" 

Is there a gymnast who you look up to?
"Chelsea Davis."

Can you tell us about a funny or embarrassing gymnastics moment?
"There are a lot of funny moments in the gym with Chris Burdette as a coach!"


  1. She is still young and has lots of opportunities to grab. I want to know if she joined gymnastics for toddlers when she was a kid. My daughter loves her because she is really flexible and beautiful.