Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Terrible Tuesdays - "Spectaculars"?

I LOVE Hollie Vise’s gymnastics. Seriously. Little Tweenaged Bekah cried when Hollie didn’t make the Olympic team. But this, my friends, is unforgivable.

Why do they think this is okay? How much are they being paid to embarrass themselves this severely? When I initially saw this “routine”, I thought that this was as bad as it could get. Oh no, it gets worse.

Since when does an attempt sex appeal have to be part of gymnastics? I just don’t understand. Does this sell to little 10 year old girls somewhere? I guess it has to, or they wouldn’t keep doing it. But this isn’t the only option, because year after year, there’s someone who proves that it’s possible to perform, captivate the audience, and not look like a dumbass. 

I love this “Once Upon a December” routine. This is from the Olympic Gala, but she did it on tour prior to the Olympics. She does some barre work on beam, and then she actually performs a routine! Not that “high on the hill was the lonely goatherd”  bullshit. She really performs. 

Spanny wraps up my feelings on Hollie's routine pretty well in this blog

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  1. Tired of the same performances year after year, insanely talented principal dancers and prima ballerinas leave St. Petersburg for other ballet companies. Even for them, the need to add spontaneity to life seems overwhelming. I imagine this is what Hollie may have been feeling after doing 'classical' gymnastics for the past 20 or so years.

    And she's not alone.

    A. Sac was in the buff on the beam, and you can't get any racier than that! Ksenia Afanasyeva recently did a number in Mexico that Spanny (of course) wasn't particularly fond of. And remember Chellsie Memmel, the animated statue in the art exhibit? They've all added a modern twist to gymnastics, disrupting the doldrums of life, and it has never failed to ruffle the feathers of fanatics who'd rather see their idols retire than change.