Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Roe-d to JO Nationals - Pre-Season Training & 1st Meet

Haylee's been training quite a bit since we last saw her, here are her routines (minus full bars) from January training and mock meets! 

This weekend Haylee had her first meet of the season: The Tiger Classic. 

She started off on bars, and after struggling on her dismount in training the week before, Haylee hit it and placed 2nd with a 9.3

On beam, she hit the routine with the exception of a wobble on her switch leap Geiner and placed 1st with a 9.575

After moving to floor, Haylee had trouble getting her full around in her third pass, but landed decently for 9.4 landing her in 4th place.

And finally, Haylee did "one of the biggest full [twisting yurchenkos]" she's ever done and placed 4th with a 9.6. 

Overall, Haylee's all around score was a 37.825 and earned her the All Around Gold Medal! 

While Haylee will not have a meet this weekend, she'll compete in the Alamo Classic the last weekend of January! Good Luck Haylee! 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hugs for Avery

We'll be back to the usual posts next week, but in the mean time I wanted to draw your attention to a young girl who could use our thoughts, prayers and support right now.

Avery Downing, a gymnast at River City Gymnastics in Memphis fell earlier this week in practice and is experiencing paralysis from the waist down.  Doctors have said that once the swelling goes down, she may regain feeling in her legs.

Her friends are asking for thoughts, prayers and support in this particularly troubling time.

While she doesn't have a public support website, you can tweet #hugsforavery and hopefully the support of the gymnastics community can trend and reach her. Let's band together as a community and really support this young girl.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello Beautiful People!

Hello Beautiful People!

I just wanted to let everybody know that I'm alive and well and haven't forgotten about you. The blog isn't cancelled or anything of the sort. I've had a lot going on outside of blogging and gymnastics over the past few weeks.

Almost 2 weeks ago now, I had to relocate (fairly quickly in fact) from St. Louis to the Upper Valley in Vermont/New Hampshire. While I'm happy and great, I'm spending a big bulk of my time working on getting settled and getting a job over 1000 miles from my last one.

Bear with me for a few more days, I WILL be posting this week and more than likely we'll be back to the usual schedule next week! (Send gymnastics questions for "Your Questions Answered".)

Thanks you guys for all of your kind words and the "where have you been?!" emails. I'll be back to the normal schedule soon but in the mean time, be sure to keep following the people on the top right of the page for updated info, particularly at the Test Event! (Go Canada!)


Sunday, January 1, 2012

12 New American Seniors for 2012

Kennedy Baker - Texas Dreams
Junior National Team Member
3rd on UB, 7th AA at 2011 Jr. Nationals
6th on BB at 2010 Jr. Nationals
2009 US Junior Bars Champion

Worth remembering for: Double Arabian Beam Dismount, Creative Floor Choreography and her strong bar set.

Mackenzie Brannan - Capital 
5th on VT, 8th on FX and 6th AA at 2011 Jr. Nationals
4th on UB at 2010 Jr. Nationals

Worth Remembering for: Her clean DTY, her strong all around performances and and her tight double front.

Ericha Fassbender - Stars
Former Jr. National Team Member
Jesolo & Top Gym Team Member
2011 Jr. Nationals Competitors
3rd on BB, 9th AA at 2010 Jr. Nationals

Worth Remembering for: Clean tumbling on floor, a beam routine with 10 acro elements most of which are clean.

Sarah Finnegan - GAGE
Jr. National Team Member
2010 Pan Ams Team Member
3rd on BB, 5th on UB, 3rd AA at 2011
2010 US Jr. Floor Champ and 4th BB & 6th AA

Worth Remembering for:  Stated Goal as "to win the AA gold medal at the 2012 Olympics", Turns so good I want to cry, very beautiful clean gymnastics.

Lauren Marinez - Orlando Metro 
4th BB at 2011 Jr. Nationals
2010 National Competitor
Worth Remembering for: Cool split jump beam mount and an aerial on beam to 1 foot (Nastia style, but w/ leg forward).

Dare Maxwell - Texas Dreams 
2011 Jr. Nationals Competitor
8th on UB at 2010 Jr. Nationals

Worth Remembering for: Unbelievable consistency (went 16 for 16 at Visas & American & US Classics), Pretty lines on bars.

Elizabeth Price - Parkettes 
Jr. National Team Member
Jesolo Team Member
4th on UB, 5th on VT at 2011 Jr. Nationals
5th on VT & UB at 2011 Jr. Nationals

Worth Remembering for: Her sky high Tkachev, beautiful leaps, a strong DTY.

Kyla Ross - Gym Max
Jr. National Team Member
Jesolo, Pan Am & Pacific Rim Team Member
2nd AA, 2nd on UB & BB, 3rd on VT & 6th on FX
2010 AA & BB Champion, 3rd on FX & VT
2009 AA & VT Champion, 5th on UB & FX

Worth Remembering for: World class skills on all 4 events, Amanar, mature performances, beautiful lines.

Mykayla Skinner - Desert Lights
Jr. National Team Member
2nd on VT & 10th AA at 2011 Jr. Nationals
8th on VT at 2010 Jr. Nationals

Worth Remembering for: Clean Amanar Vault and Double Double on Floor.

Kiana Winston - Texas Dreams
Jr. National Team Member
7th on BB, 8th AA at 2011 Jr. National Championships
2009 Jr. Nationals Competitor

Worth Remembering for: Beautiful beam set, Clean DTY, mature yet fun style.

Other girls born in 1996 include - Nichelle Christopherson, Abigail Milliet, Keely McNeer & Samantha Partyka.