Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 Things I'd Like to See Before the World Ends

(Rick of Gymnastics Coaching
According to some theorists, based on the Aztec Calendar the world will end exactly 1 year from today. While I don’t agree with those people in the slightest, here are 5 things I’d like to see in 2012, before the world is supposedly destroyed... or not.

Triple Twisting Yurchenko – Preferably from Maroney, but any Triple will be fine. The women haven’t added a half twist to the Yurchenko since 2000!

A Perfect Event Final – It’s been a while since I can remember all 8 gymnasts in an event final hitting their routines. I would adore if all of the gymnasts in the beam final stayed on!

Success for ’96 Babies - Since the girls born in 1996 couldn’t compete at Worlds this year, I’d really love if they could successfully compete in 2012. It would be fabulous if Iordache, Ross, Grishina, Sidorova and others could really shine despite their disadvantage.

Katelyn Ohashi getting international recognition – I hate that she’s a junior, but I’d love if Marta would send this girl out. Gymnix, Top Gym and Jesolo would all be fine opportunities to further expose Katelyn to the international scene.

Marta’s replacement being named – She’s slated to leave after this quad, but she may not according a recent article. I’d like to see someone new named. It will probably be Steve Rybaki, but regardless, I’m ready for change.


  1. Bekah, did you not watch the amazing 2011 floor finals? I guess Beth went OOB, Lauren had her leap problem, Jordyn stumbled a little bit on one of her passes and there were all of those replacements/injuries, but that was pretty close to perfect. Not all stuck landings, but I still remember thinking that everybody hit.

  2. Yeah, I just want everyone to be CLEAN you know? There weren't any falls, but I wouldn't consider every routine "hit".

  3. oh thank god, someone else who doesn't want Luikin in there! I think Steve would be great, I'd also think Kelli Hill or Tom Forster would be good.