Monday, December 5, 2011

Your Questions Answered - 11/28-12/4

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Kim asked: "Does Dare Maxwell still train at Texas Dreams? I noticed her sister competes for Dynamo in Oklahoma, so I'm kinda lost on this one!"

In late 2009 Dare moved to Texas Dreams to train with Kim Zmeskal and Chris Burdette. At this time, she began boarding with Chelsea Davis (and her mother) during the week to train while coming home often to spend time with her family. After Chelsea left for college, Dare began living with the Hults family. Dare’s younger sister Teagan still lives in Oklahoma and competes for Dynamo. She's planning to compete as a Level 9 and qualified to the 2011 Level 8 Regional Championships.

Zoe asked: "What do you think of Nastia and her comeback? Do you think she has a shot? What about Johnson?"

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I am pleased to see that 5 out of the 6 Olympians from 2008 are attempting to make the team. What do I think their shots are? I think that Nastia, if in top, or almost top form, has a better shot than Shawn does. This is for no other reason than we NEED a bar worker. We have plenty of strong beamers, but if Nastia could get into top shape she could fill the hole that the US has right now. If I had to purely guess what I think will happen? I don't think Nastia will be ready in time. She'll probably compete at Classics and then have an "injury" or maybe just announce that she's not ready. I truly hope that this ISN'T the case, I just really can't see her being in a good position the first weekend of June, when Championships begin. Johnson, if she stays healthy, could potentially make the team, but I see her more likely as an alternate, just because she doesn't really "fill in the blanks" with Jordyn and several other likely candidates on the team. 

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Vikki asked: "Do you know if Olivia Reeve who moved from Great Britain to train at Chow's will be going into level 10 or elite?"

I've been told that the plan is to try to qualify Elite. She and her dad traveled to Chow's in 2010 for what a Chow's insider tells me was essentially a "try out". She has officially moved for the long term at this point and has started school in Iowa. Her website says that she'd like to represent GB in the 2016 Olympics, so I'm not sure how far into the USAG program Olivia will go. She's also not currently training in Chow's group but with Neptali Narvaez & Amy Longwill.

If you're not familiar with Olivia Reeve, she's a 13 year old gymnast and diver from Great Britain.  

Kiyal asked: "When did Jana officially retire and what is she doing now? Same 'where is she now' question about Carly."

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While I don't officially remember Jana having a statement about retiring, she competed most recently at the 2009 Visa Championships. She did receive an international assignment to travel to a World Cup Competition in Croatia in November of 2009 but she did not attend. Most recently we saw her as fit as ever performing along with many former elite and college gymnasts in Evolution

Although Carly briefly talked about a comeback early this quad, she hasn't competed since the 2004 Olympics. She's currently in school and has made several appearances in gyms across the country. No word as to if she's given up the singing dream. 

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  1. On the video you posted of olivia above, she has commented saying "This was like a level 10 Usa but i am now an Elite :-))" so she must have qualified to be a british junior elite, does that mean she still needs to qualify in america, can she not just transfer?

  2. Carly isn't singing anymore. I think reality hit her!

  3. @12:38 - I'm not 100% sure, but I'm fairly certain that any person who hasn't competed at Classics, has to qualify as an elite.

  4. I don't think if Nastia has a better shot then shawn if she is in top form. Besides shawn just took a silver medal on bars at the Pan Ams we have plenty of bar workers; shawn, Gabriella, Bridgett Q not to trash nastia she is an amazing bar worker, but i don't believe shell be ready, its less then a year to the games and she just started training.

  5. In that picture on your twitter Nastia is too fat to even do a split fully. She is not as far along as people think

  6. Carly is not in school to be a dental hygienist. She mentioned that possibility a few years ago. She's currently at a community college majoring in communications and journalism and hopes to transfer to a four year school. She tweets about her classes often, talked about it on Around the Gym at nationals this year and it's mentioned in a recent article about her trip to San Jose to promote the Olympic Trials.

  7. Olivia Reeve is doing level 10 next sat week (Jan 14th 2012) at Chows winter classic meet, from what i heard she's already elite back in the uk and is eligible to be considered for junior international as she will be 14.

    Also thats she has shelved her diving so as to concentrate fully on her gymnastics chows.

  8. Olivia Reeve - do you what her scores were at the winter classic and how she placed?