Monday, December 12, 2011

Bridgey Caquatto's Injury

On November 23, Anna Li posted the following picture on her twitter with the caption "Crutch Buddies":

The picture of Bridgey on crutches worried many fans and many considered her injury long term and concerning. Here's what Bridgey had to say about her injury: 
"I had to get surgery on my knee after Pan Ams. If you saw it was taped up pretty big at the meet! and I had to water down some stuff but I made it through! But recovery is going very well so far!"

This makes sense, if you'll remember, she only competed a Full Twisting Yurchenko at Pan Ams when she's been competing a beautiful Double for years now. 

Bridgey's currently taking it one day at a time in order to prevent future injury and is currently spending a ton of time on conditioning and training bars. Get Well Soon Bridgette! 


  1. Hi,
    Does anyone know what injury Anna Li suffered from?
    I have searched online, but cannot find anything


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