Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Roe-d to JO Nationals - Pre-Season Training Updates

This week, we'll look at Haylee Roe's routines for the 2012 Season!

On Vault, she's planning to compete a Yurchenko Full, which carries a 10.0 Start Value. She's hoping to upgrade to a 3/2 Yurchenko, which is also worth 10.0, but is eligible for a .1 bonus, if landed successfully.

Her bar routine includes a Giant 1/1, a shootover uphill & a double arabian dismount. She's hoping to add a tkatchev later in the season.

Haylee's vault and bar routine can be seen in the video below!

On beam, Haylee's routine will tentatively consist of the skills in the video below. We couldn't get a video  beam and floor before the season began, but I thought this could give you a general idea of the skills that she's planning. Her 2 leap series may be switched.

Haylee's floor will include quite a bit of difficulty with a Double Pike, a 2.5, and a front layout to full along with some fairly impressive dance skills. Even more impressive are Haylee's hopes for upgrades including a Full In, a Layout to Front Rudi and a 2.5 into a front tuck!

We'll check in with Haylee again in early January when she'll be competing in her first Mock Meet of the Season!

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