Monday, November 28, 2011

Your Questions Answered - 11/21-11/27

I've gotten a some questions this week. Here are my answers!

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Izzi B asked: "I'm confused about what it means that Chellsie's now a judge. What exactly will she be judging and how can she still compete if she's a judge?"

Chellsie is a Brevet Judge which means she can judge JO, NCAA, Elite and International competition. Kathy Kelly (VP of the Women's Program) has been asking Chellsie to take the course for a while, but Chellsie thought now would be a good time because she's recovering from her shoulder surgery. She said she spent a lot of time studying and only had a month to learn it all! Chellsie and Tabitha Yim both tested as Brevet Judges at the last development camp. Chellsie is still training, and plans to compete this season, but sees judging as something good to have as an option. 

Bridgette asked: "You posted a link to a 'day in the life' for Jordyn Weiber (sic) which indicated she already has endorsement deals but they're just not public... am I reading that right? I thought she wasn't accepting endorsements yet even though she went pro? I'm confused!"

In the first press release stating that Jordyn went pro, her mom said that they "might look into representation" after the Olympics. Apparently, Mama Wieber didn't realize that the bulk of sponsorships come before the games. Jordyn does indeed have endorsements which are rumored to include Proctor & Gamble and Kellogg's. 

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Anonymous asked: "I saw another blog that said Komova would be unlikely for the American Cup? Do you agree with this? I already have my tickets, and I was really hoping to see a Komova/Wieber showdown. Do you think Jordyn and Aly will for sure be there? Who else do you think will show?"

The American Cup is a World Cup event, so the Top 8 All Around gymnasts from Worlds are invited. If anyone declines the next girl down on the list will attend. My personal opinion? I don't think Komova will come. In my opinion, Mustafina only attended because she thought she had no real competition. If Wieber is there, as she's said she plans to be, Komova WILL have major competition. Last year, the lowest ranking competitor from Worlds competing WAG at the American Cup was Hannah Whelan, who placed 16th at Worlds. Anyone who placed above 16th is a good possibility.  Another possibility could include Ross being thrown in similarly to Wieber last year.

Izzi B asked: "How come McKayla doesn't preform (sic) two vaults at events like Visa Nationals? Sacramone does to show what she would do at event finals, and obviously McKayla competed in EF at worlds, so why doesn't she show two vaults too?"

McKayla did compete two vaults! She competed both of her vaults at both Championships and Classics, but NBC chose to only show her Amanar. That's how she came to be the National Vault Champion! Brandie Jay competed 2 vaults as well. 

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A asked: "Is Aly Raisman bringing back the Amanar?" 

While I haven't heard one way or another about Aly's Amanar status, I'd guess that if she stays healthy  (knock on wood), Aly will try to bring back the Amanar. It's been said across the internet that to make this Olympic team, you either need an Amanar or a finals worthy bar set. I think that Raisman will try as hard as she can for the former. Her landings have been scary in the past, but I think that with a little bit of work she can get it rotated all the way around.

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