Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Terrible Tuesdays - Short Sleeved Leos

Anyone who's followed my twitter through my post competition "Leo Awards" knows that I hate short sleeved leotards. Although they're nearly extinct in US Elite competition, gymnasts across the world continue to wear short sleeved leos. Here's the way I look at it: if you were see Swan Lake and the dancers were all in black leotards, pink tights and leg warmers, it would be tacky. In my opinion, it doesn't make sense to wear the same thing you'd wear in practice to an important event, much less to the Olympics. I have a hard time understanding why, on possibly the most important day of a girls life, she would choose to look less than exceptional.    

Now I've heard people say before, "Well, short sleeved leos are less expensive than long sleeved ones!" While that may be true, the average difference between a custom short sleeved and a custom long sleeved leo from GK is about $60 (US). Your delegation surely should be able to splurge $60 on you if, I don't know, you're representing them in international competition! 

It's obviously not the most catastrophic issue in the sport, but it just continues to irk me when girls like Vanessa Ferrari or Youna Dufournet show up to World Championship finals in short sleeved leos. 

But at the end of the day, at least they aren't wearing 1 sleeved leos. (No, seriously.) 

(Khyla Pottenger, 2011 US Challenge) 

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  1. So glad to hear I'm not the only one whose bothered by short sleeved leos. When I saw Vanessa at worlds last month, I was like "Really...really...THIS is the leo you chose to compete in the AA finals?! You look like you just came from your training gym!"

  2. OMG that one sleeve leo is horrible! hahaha.

    But sleeveless leos don't bother me, really. I mean, what makes long sleeves fancier anyway? That's like saying a long sleeve evening gown is more fancy than a strapless one... Or that an ice skating dress with long sleeves (which is rarely seen) is more appropriate for competition than a sleeveless dress. I just don't think sleeves are that big of a deal. Sure, you shouldn't wear your simple plain leotard that you wear every day in practice, but if it has the usual shine, sparkle, and glamour of a competition leo, I don't mind if it has sleeves or not. However, I do believe someone with Vanessa Ferrari's body type (very short torso) may benefit from wearing sleeves.

  3. But seriously though ... there are some very expensive competition leos out there!
    Take for example this one which was worn by your beloved Wofford at US Classic this year! $434!!!


  4. This leo ... which was worn in varying color variations by WOGA and CGA at US Nationals this year is $298!


  5. Still another leo that was popular recently .... worn by Legacy Elite is $298!!!


  6. The leo worn by wofford my cost $434 when bought off the website but my gym bought them for our competition and they only cost $210 because it was purchased through the gym. These leos are not as expensive as they appear

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