Sunday, November 27, 2011

Koko Tsurumi to train at Chow's this month!

(Property of Intl Gymnast, Thomas Schreyer)
Koko Tsurumi has traveled to West Des Moines, Iowa to train at Chow's!

In a relationship that most likely started at the Uneven Bars Finals at this years Worlds, Japanese team leader Koko Tsurumi is training at Chow's Gymnastics, home of Olympian Shawn Johnson and World Champion Gabrielle Douglas.

Koko is training with the group of Elites and Level 10s on a purely temporary basis, and was seen working hard, conditioning yesterday. Her coach did not travel with her.

The biggest challenge for Chow so far? Finding someone in the gym who speaks Japanese!

More details to come!

Koko was on Japan's 2008 Olympic Team, won 2 medals at 2009 Worlds and lead the Japanese team to 5th place in 2010 and 7th place in 2011.


  1. Thats just weird. Why would she do that?!

  2. Actually, I live in West Des Moines, and I know the girl Koko stayed with. She came here because her coach and Chow were teammates, and her coach thought it would be a good experience. Fun fact: they communicated by Chow writing in Chinese, which uses some of the same characters as Japanese.