Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Day in the Life of Kristina Baskett on Make it or Break it

Here's a much awaited "Day in the Life" by Make It Or Break It double Kristina Baskett! 

For those who don't know, Kristina Baskett is a former Utah Gymnast, 12 time All American, 2006 UB Champ who now works as a stunt double in LA. She's done commercials, stunt work for the CW, Le Rêve & of course, Make it or Break it! 

 "It’s hard to exactly describe a day of stunts on ABC Family’s Make It Or Break It, because it is always different! But that is one of the many things I love about it. I will share a “normal” day on set of Season 2. 

Call Time- 8:00 AM- Arrive on set and find the trailer with my name on it for the day. Say “hi” to all my friends, grab some breakfast, then straight to hair and make-up to get fixed up like my actress of that day. Depending on which actress I stunt double for, Kaylie Cruz hair and makeup should take around 45 minutes. But if it’s Payson or Lauren, an extra 45 minutes to get a blonde wig firmly attached to my head!

(Property of Greg Marsden)
10:00 AM- Once I am done with hair and make up, I usually will go check out what’s going on on-set and see where they are at in terms of the schedule for the day. They can be ahead or behind schedule, or even switch the scenes around for the day. If my scene isn’t up soon, I usually hang out with the girls on set, help out with other stunts if they are being filmed, hang out in the trailer, or have some quiet time of rest before it’s time for some gymnastics.

1:00 PM- Lunch will usually be around 1:00 depending when they started shooting that day, but the whole cast and crew breaks for lunch and I will eat with everyone in the lunch room and get a chance to talk to some of the crew members that are always so busy. They are amazing! We all have a nice break before we get back at it and I start to get ready for my scene.

2:00 PM- After lunch I put on my wardrobe for the day and head to set where I will wait and watch until they are ready to do a run-through of the next scene that I am in. The actors go through their lines and I explain and walk through what I will be doing as well. As the crew starts to set up the lights and camera, I will warm up the event I am doing that day.

4:00 PM- Once everything is all set up, the director says “ACTION!” We shoot the scene we just rehearsed and will re-shoot as many times as the director needs. Different angles, different cameras, cameras strapped to my body, directly underneath me, or running beside me. The adrenaline definitely kicks in just like it did in competition! 

5:00 PM- Once the director is happy with what we have, everyone claps and thanks the talent and crew and I am wrapped for the day. Wigs off, wardrobe returned, and I am free to go home. Another fun and excited day on set is done and I can’t wait to get to come back again.

Everyday is different, I can be there all night, or a couple of hours, on our regular set or on location somewhere else, learning different skills and working with different actors. No matter what I feel like one lucky girl! I get a chance to work with amazing people in an exciting business. Very thankful that my gymnastics career has continued on to give me even more incredible memories! :) Be sure to tune in to Make It Or Break It Season 3 coming shortly! And always….GO UTES!" 

To see Kristina in action, check out this video of her doubling for Kaylie Cruz in Season 2 of Make it or Break it!

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  1. I don't like MIOBI, it feels more like a drama show with some bunch of gymnastics stuff thrown in. Let's not forget the twice-as-wide beam and this one floor routine (I forgot performed by who) which includes only two tumbling passes and lyrics in the music.