Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Day in the Life of WOGA Elite Briley Casanova

Briley Casanova is a 2 time National Team Member, a future Michigan gymnast and a member of WOGA's elite team. Briley trains with Laurent Landi's group at WOGA Plano which includes elite Sophia Lee, Mitzi Sosa-Unda of Mexico and more. 

(Property of Heather Maynez)

(Property of Heather Maynez)
6:45 AM- "I wake up and get ready for gym and have either cereal or oatmeal, and a banana for breakfast. [Then I] Pack my lunch and 2 powerades for practice."

7:15-7:30 AM-  "I leave the house to get to gym about 5-10 minutes early to get situated and ready for practice! Mondays and Thursdays we start at 7:45 and run as a team for a half hour. On the other days we do conditioning, but start at 8:00."

7:45 or 8:00-11:45 AM- "We do team conditioning after we warm up until about 9:00, then normally my coaches split up our team into 2 groups and 1 group goes to bars and 1 group goes to beam, and then we switch. If there is extra time, we might do one more event. 

11:45 AM- "I stretch a little bit before everyone leaves for school and has lunch. [I] change out of my leo into my school uniform (a polo and khakis)."

12:10 PM-
 "I arrive at school (My school is 5 minutes away from the gym) and eat lunch. My lunch usually consists of tuna and crackers, a cheese stick, an apple and water or tea." 

12:30-3:00 PM- "School! Each of my classes are 30 minutes long. I take US History, Algebra 2, Physics, Spanish IV, and English."

3:00 PM- "I leave school to go to practice which starts at 3:30."

3:10 PM- "I sometimes pack a clif bar for a snack before afternoon practice, so I will eat that if I feel like i need a boost of energy!" 

3:30-6:30 PM- "Afternoon practice. We usually repeat bars and beam and finish things we might not have finished in the morning. We also try to finish at least one more event that night, either tumbling or vault."

7:10-10:30 PM- "Depending if we finish on time, I usually get home around 7:10ish. I eat dinner (a Lean Cuisine microwavable meal) and then do my homework and study until I am finished and aim for going to bed around 10:30."


  1. I think someone who would be interesting is maybe dare maxwell who lives with another family (Nica Hults) to train elite at TDG? Anybody know if there are any others who are currently doing that, but I know put hall had done that in the past with TDG also.

  2. Gabby Douglas lives with a host family in Iowa.

  3. Any of the other TDG girls live with a host family?

  4. Claire Boyce lives with Ashton Kim's family, or at least she used to. Pua Hall also stayed with the family for the time she trained at Texas Dreams.

  5. ok sooooo go right ahead and see if one of them will do a feature!

  6. Curious if Arianna Guerra is living with Kennedy Bakers family? They seem pretty buddy buddy!!!

  7. I'm fairly certain that Ariana Guerra is living in an apartment with a parent, but I could be wrong.

    And @1:36, don't worry. There are a lot of "Day in the Lifes" in the works. :)

  8. She doesn't seem to eat all that much, It's a bit worrying.