Sunday, November 6, 2011

My 5 Favorite Hairstyles of 2011

Bridget Sloan's at the 2011 Pan Ams, only because for the first time since the Olympics, her hair doesn't look like a family of small animals could occupy it.

(Picture Property of USA Gymnastics)


Dare Maxwell's "double side braid" from day 1 of Championships. This isn't a great picture of it, but if you find a better one, let me know.

(Picture Property of USA Gymnastics)


Danusia Francis of Great Britain at the 2011 European Championships. Although the girls on Ginnaste giggled at Danusia's hair, I ADORE that she keeps her beautiful hair natural, yet pulled together.


Shawn Johnson's curved side braid with bow on Day 1 of Championships. It's somehow young and mature at the same time, and I like it!


Peng Peng Lee at Pan Ams and Worlds AA Final. A loose bun with adorable flowers. I hope she starts a trend; I love it. (Sorry about the awkward screenshot, Peng Peng.)

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