Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Camp News

After Polina Shchennikova posted a picture of everyone, including Rebecca at Camp, it appears that Marta has asked for things to be kept quiet regarding "big names".

(Was on Polina Shchennikova's FB)
This was a working camp. Girls verified individual skills and combinations and continued to work out. There were not winners of these verifications.

I will tell you, of all of the people who I've talked to, I've asked, "How are Becca & Nastia?" The consistent answer has been "working hard". I'm sorry guys, that's all I know. I've been trying I promise.

Here are updates on girls, as I receive them, in alphabetical order:

Simone Biles is training an Amanar into a pit. It doesn't seem too far off.

Rebecca Bross has a knee brace on, but is working bars and doing a ton of conditioning.

Brianna Brown of CGA won the Physical Abilities Testing.

Nia Dennis is training a Double Twisting Yurchenko.

Ericha Fassbender was invited to camp but did not attend due to an injury just before camp.

Amanda Jetter has been added to the National Team.

Bailie Key has added a standing arabian on beam, and is training a Double Twisting Yurchenko. She's also training a BHS-BHS-LO, Shawn Johnson Style. (To 2 feet).

Lizzy LeDuc is still recovering from elbow injuries that she sustained before moving to Zenith.

Nastia Liukin is "working out like crazy", verified skills on bars and is working beam and floor. She's been added to the National Team.

Katelyn Ohashi has the same bar set plus some new 1 hand pirouette work, like Onos.

Kyla Ross has no major upgrades on beam or floor yet. She's still got the Amanar, which looks good, and I'm not sure how her bars look.

Polina Shchennikova is training a BHS-BHS-5/2 beam dismount. She's also working a BEAUTIFUL L-Grip Endo to Jaeger! She has a minor knee issue, but nothing too serious.

McKenzie Wofford is reportedly training a tkatchev half into jaeger & a double double into pit on bars. HOLY UPGRADES!

All of the Texas Dreams girls look lovely on Bars and Beam.

Currently, I haven't heard about any girls going to Top Gym (begins 11/25).

Please don't ask "How is so-and-so?" You know everything that I know currently, and I will let you know more as soon as I find things out. More info will be coming later today.


  1. lol how did the news about Marta being annoyed get out? Did Polina have to take down the picture?

    Also stupid question, but who is the girl next to Nastia?

  2. Polina Shchennikova facebook page is deleted.

    the girl next to Nastia is Brandi Jay ( http://www.gymdivas.us/profile_jay.htm )(Off-topic: Her birthday is this Saturday. She turns 18 years old)

  3. Thanks. I totally blanked on her name. She won vault at Pan Ams, yes?

    Marta deleted her Facebook account? Amazing.

  4. you should add that nastia and jetter are back on the national team(:

  5. @theCScore, she didn't delete her account, but reports say that Marta had a problem with a picture showing that Nastia & Becca are there, and now the picture's been deleted.

  6. Sure Nastia herself tweeted that she was going so no big deal about her being shown in the photo!

    Glad to see Becca back even if it is in a knee brace!

  7. Total speculation, but I wonder if since both Nastia and Becca are pro, maybe their agents have a problem with the picture being up. I mean, WE the fans know the girls are in great shape, but the sponsors are probably expecting itty bitty gymnasts. I'm sure as the months go on, we'll see more *approved* workout pics.

  8. Thanks for the updates Bekah. Its always nice to hear things from camp. Keep going with this blog because I think it is already cool but could be even better. Keep talking to people and keep researching. I would recommend brushing up on the Code, Judges' Helpdesk, and the finer points of judging just to have a more technical grasp on the sport. Be professional and this blog can be great with some more complex commentary.

  9. And for the record, other blogs keep saying Lizzy LeDuc BROKE her elbows.... she SPRAINED them about 8 months ago on an overshoot..big difference.

  10. Considering Polina's facebook is not public, you probably should not be posting her pictures. Just because you can see them as a friend, or a friend of a friend, doesn't mean they are for public eyes. if you have her permission to post her picture, that's totally different, of course.

  11. This picture was posted on Polina's public fan Facebook before it was deleted. Had it been private, I would not have posted it.

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