Wednesday, November 2, 2011

10 things I Learned About Gymnastics from MIOBI

The 10 Things I Learned About Gymnastics from 
Make it or Break it! 

10. Gymnasts wear their National Team Warmups to practice everyday, and ALWAYS wear a leotard under their street clothes. 

9. The only way to make the Olympics is to make Worlds. No one who isn't on the world's team in the Pre-Olympic year will make the Olympic team.

8. Gymnastics Coaches spend most of their time talking about whether or not their gymnasts should have premarital sex, or whether they should have an abortion. They rarely mention skills and never mention pacing.

7. When you compete internationally, the reigning Olympic All Around Champion is required to bring you Subway sandwiches.

6. There's no such thing as age limits. Kelly Parker's 14 year old mini-me would be perfect for Worlds!

5. College Recruiters never use email or phone calls. The easiest way to recruit a gymnast is to fly to Worlds.

4. It's totally fine to leave an airport on your way to a competition, fly to a different country and meet your old coach, and get to your international assignment just in time to compete. And you'll totally get more international assignments after that.

3. The competition format for Worlds is 6 on a team, 1 up, 1 count. I'm not really sure what the other two gymnasts are for...

2. After being out for six weeks and having a significant weight change, 2 days of training will prepare you to do a clean Pak Salto, Tkachev and Double Layout.

1. The balance beam is only 12 inches wide!

Although this was not written by, or plagiarized from the wonderful Spanny Tampson, you should check out her blog as we apparently share many ideas. Also, it's a really good blog. :)