Friday, November 18, 2011

Fresh Face Friday - Nica Hults

(Property of the Hults Family)

Quick Facts: 
Name- Veronica "Nica" Hults 
D.O.B. - June 16, 1998 (Senior in 2014) 
Gym - Texas Dreams Gymnastics 
Former Gym- AOGC 
High School Class of - 2016

Nica Hults started grabbing the attention of gymnastics fans way back in 2007, when mom Emer began posting videos of her compulsory routines. In a TOPS Testing Video, we witnessed Nica receive perfect scores on 6/7 events that perfection is attainable and nearly reach the national best on the 20 meter sprint. Thus, I highly doubt anyone was surprised when she made the Tops A Team. After Nica won the Level 9 Regionals and the Westerns Floor title in 2010, a job opportunity moved the family to Allen, TX where she joined the Texas Dreams "Dream Team". 

In 2011, Nica's elite career began to take off. After winning beam at the WOGA & Orlando qualifiers, Nica prepared for the US Classics and hoped to make it to the Visa Championships. Nica went out and surprised the world by winning beam with a score of 15.05, only a tenth and a half behind reigning World Champion Jordyn Wieber at that same competition! 

(Property of Jessica Frankl)

Unfortunately, a minor injury prohibited Hults from competing All Around at Championships. While she didn't have a "big break" at championships this year, she did finish 5th on beam with a significantly watered down routine. 

This girl is one to watch. Not only does she have fantastic style and grace, but she's also an incredibly sweet and well spoken individual. Marta's taken notice too, as Nica was at last week's Developmental Training Camp. Keep your eyes open for Nica next season and for many seasons to come. 

Here's a fun little Q&A with Nica: 

What is your favorite competition you've competed in? 
"2011 US Covergirl Classic. It was my first podium meet and I won 1st place on beam!"

What do you think your biggest weakness as a gymnast is? 
"My biggest weakness is vault, it always has been. But I'm working on it so that all my events will be strong. "

What are your ultimate goals in gymnastics? 
"To take it as far as I can, hopefully that means making it to the Olympics."

Do you think you'll compete in college?
"Education is very important to our family. Yes, I hope to compete in college." 
(Property of USA Gymnastics)

Who is a gymnast who you really look up to? 
"Nastia Liukin. But I [also] have to say Kim Zmeskal-Burdette, she's the one making a big difference in my gymnastics career by coaching me and helping me to be mentally strong. She's awesome!"

Can you tell us about a funny/ embarrassing moment you’ve had? 
"During my very first competition ever, as a level 5, I jumped off the beam in the middle of my routine when the timer yelled out warning because I thought I wasn't allowed to finish my beam. My coach told me to go back up on the beam and I went through the rest of my routine crying. After that disaster, I competed floor and won first place!"

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