Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vaults I loved and hated from Nationals

So I told everyone a while back that I'd be analyzing specific routined from Nationals. I've kinda been dragging my feet on this one, but here are my 3 favorite and least favorite Vaults...


1. McKayla Maroney's Mustafina (Day 1)
(Starts at 1:20)

Score: 15.7 (6.1 D, 9.6 E) 
Place: 1st After Day 1 
What I loved: Her form in the air is phenomenal. She lands it beautifully and has an amazing block. 
What I didn't: She has a tiny hop, so I guess that can be improved upon.

2. Simone Biles Amanar (Day 2)

Score: 16.0 (6.5 D, 9.5 E)
Place: 1st
What I loved: She gets phenomenal height and only takes a tiny hop.
What I didn't: Her feet are kinda funky in the air. It could be cleaner.

3. Jordyn Wieber's Amanar (Day 2) 

Score: 15.9 (6.5 D, 9.4 E) 
Place: 2nd of all Sr Vault Scores
What I loved: Travels far with it and twists sufficiently. 
What I didn't: Leg separation on block, step forward. 


1. Ohashi's Double (Day 2)

Score: 13.8 (5.8 D, 8.0 E) 
Place: 11th after 2 days
What I loved: Her feet look nice in the air and she manages to somehow stand it up. 
What I didn't: This vault is IDENTICAL to Rebecca Bross's in 2011 that blew out her knee. After Katelyn missed this vault in training, she did it on day 2 terribly. 

2. Merideth's Sylvia's FTY (Day 1) 

Score: 11.8 (5.0 D, 6.8 E)
Place: 23rd 
What I loved: Again, she's got nice toes. 
What I didn't: She has this GIANT pike that she's doing (and she did on Day 2 as well) and obviously, how underrotated she seems is terrible and dangerous. 

3. Jordyn Wieber's Amanar (Day 1) 

Score: 15.65 (6.5 D, 9.15 E)
Place: 3rd
What I loved: Good form until landing


  1. Isn't katelyns only a single twisting?

    1. Wait never mind I see it now

  2. Katelyn's DTY looked really good at Pac Rims. She was coming off an injury here. I guess Mr. Liukin dosen't know how to wait, till someone is ready! Did he learn nothing from Becca!! It makes even less sense considering Katelyn's a junior! If they wanted a higher scores. It would have made more sense to go back to her old bar routine. She was scored plus 15 on bars at both Pac Rims & Jesolo. They have all next year to try out her new bars set.

  3. What is the difference between a Mustafina and an Amanar?

    1. A Mustafina is a Yurchenko 1/2 on with full twist off and the Amanar is a Yurchenko 2 1/2.