Wednesday, June 6, 2012

After watching Podium Training Vids...

Do you remember that episode of Glee where Sue gets bored and wants to shoot Brittany out of a cannon? That's kinda where I'm at right now. All of the gymnastics is nice, but very little of it is WOWing me... Here's what did...

Top 5 Things that WOWED me: 
And Gabby's thrilled too.

1. Bridget Sloan's combo on beam. If she could connect that a little bit better I would squeal like a Justin Bieber fan.

2. A. Few. Amazing. Fucking. Vaults.

3. Brenna Dowell's front tumbling. Even more so b/c she's injured. Stay safe though, girl.

4. Dougie's amazing Tkachev to Pak Salto.

5. Sabrina Vega's artistry. That NEVER gets old.

Top 5 Things I'm SO bored with: 
Utterly bored. 
1. The connecting turns on beam. Casey Jo can do it; it doesn't look good on everyone though.

2. The Shaposh-Halfs... Ugh... like... we get it.

3. The Hot Pink. Yes, yes, #teamhotpink is the best, but when GAGE has the most impressive leotards, you need to step up your game.

4.  "I just want to hit 4 for 4."

5. Piked Tkachevs.

Top 5 Things that bummed me out:

1. The amount of spotting going on, particularly on the Nastia front. Her skills are great, but I'll be interested to see her without all of the spotting.
Sarah replicates my face when I see an idiotic fan

2. You all know that  I love Texas Dreams, but I wish that Nica & Peyton would point their toes on those ring leaps.

3. Apparently Brenna Dowell spent a good portion of training looking like she was going to cry. I hope this isn't Ivana Round 2. 

4. Fans who think that one training video makes or breaks someone's shot at the Olympic team.

5. These girls who can hit in training but miss it in competition. I hope that everyone can just hit.

Top 5 Predictions:

1. My gut tells me that Aly will drop bars after the Olympics.

2. I worry that Katelyn is going to fall on beam. I think that she might be stressed at how amazing everyone thinks that she is.

3. 2013 World Vault Champ will be an American with a Triple... Whether it will be McKayla, Lexie or Simone, I'm not sure.

4. I'm waiting for Simone Biles, Nia Dennis and Laurie Hernandez to switch gyms.

5. If any of the veterans don't make Trials, there will be a "sudden injury" excuse.

Top 5 more random thoughts :

1. I don't care if A Sac competes a handspring on vault and a beam routine that I could execute. Props to the girl for coming back so quickly. :)

2. I hope to god that Amelia Hundley doesn't end up 5'8... And if she does that she can gracefully handle being 5'8.

3. I want to write new floor music for Bailie Key. ... I think I will.

4. Ariana Guerra reminds me of Jana Bieger... but like... 2006, "I don't hate you and your gymnastics is good" Jana Bieger, not 2009 Jana.

5. I have a hard time picturing these girls at the Olympics... All of them, with the exception of the vets. Even when I close my eyes and try to think of Jordyn at the Olympics, it's hard. I'm still picturing them all as 12 & 13 year olds.

*All pics are from USA Gymnastics


  1. Agreed except for Douglas' piked tkachev.

  2. Just curious about this comment:

    "I'm waiting for Simone Biles, Nia Dennis and Laurie Hernandez to switch gyms."

    I know for a fact that Simone & Nia have been at their gyms for their entire careers.

    If their coaches have gotten them this far, why do you feel they would need to go somewhere else?

    1. I don't feel that they should, I just feel that they will... this is usually the time in an elite's career where girls start moving. I have a TON of respect for each of those girl's coaches, don't get me wrong, It was in my "prediction" section, because it seems like something that would happen.

  3. NO NO NO!!! I LOVE Laurie's floor! Like, I watch it when I am feeling sad love it! She and whom ever choreographed it need to be a package deal! She is obviously doing great where she is at! At least they can teach their girls how to dance!!

  4. I've counted Sacramone out for months. I'm starting to think that she might be able to factor into this team though. What do you think?

  5. "I'm waiting for Simone Biles, Nia Dennis and Laurie Hernandez to switch gyms."
    totally agree!
    Simone needs to go to Chao to get better Bars and repeat Douglas' success, so Nia needs better Bars, OMG and Laurie-her Bars is weak as well, Chao or All Olympia will be the best for them

  6. I thought that ASAC looked awesome tonight!

  7. My daughter goes to Bannon's with Simone and I guarantee that her family is very loyal & committed to her coaches. I don't think they are going anywhere.
    Not to mention, have you seen how much that girl has improved in the past two years? Holy cow! Her coaches must be doing something right.
    It bothers me as a parent that people think that there are only 3-4 coaches in this country that are capable of coaching elite gymnastics. Bannon's Gymnastix is about nurturing their gymnasts & teaching them life skills. If Simone were at an "elite" gym, she would have burned out years ago. I am proud to send my daughter to Bannon's.
    Go Simone & Go Bannon's!

  8. Amen to bummer #4.

  9. Did you see Alicia's leo from yesterday. Def the podium training fashion award.

  10. Just came back from Day One of Juniors, and I totally agree with your Random #3...that music is horrible.

    I thought the leos today were very nice...way better than what I've been seeing the last year anyways. I wonder if hot pink is out in favor of sparkles. I'm not sure if leos normally have sparkles since they don't show up at all on TV, but they were definitely in full force this afternoon. LOL

  11. 5. If any of the veterans don't make Trials, there will be a "sudden injury" excuse.

    Perhaps Nastia is gearing up for this with her "injured shoulder" crap?!