Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bar routines I loved and hated from Nationals


1. Gabby Douglas on Day 2

Score: 15.85 (6.6 D, 9.25 E)
Place: 1st
What I Loved: Her releases are sky high, she has such a natural swing and handled the pressure well.
What I Didn't: She seems a tiny bit too close to the bar on her Ray.

2. Anna Li on Day 2

Score: 15.55 (6.9 D, 8.65 E)
Place: 3rd
What I Loved: Those combos were CRAZY amazing and it's unique!
What I Didn't: A couple of awkward leg positions throughout.

3. McKenzie Wofford on Day 2

Score: 14.7 (6.3 D, 8.4 E) 
Place: 9th
What I Loved: Did you see that combination? Try to tell me that wasn't cool! She also stuck that dismount! I cannot WAIT to see this girl at OU! 
What I Didn't: She's got a few short handstands 


1. Nastia Liukin on Day 1

Score: 13.15 (5.8 D, 7.35 E)
Place: 19th 
What I Loved: That layed out Gienger is still FIERRRRCE. 
What I Didn't: The "dismount", obviously as well as the wonky pak and weird leg separations. 

2. Jessica Wang Day 1 

Score: 9.8 (4.3 D, 5.5 E) 
Place: 22nd
What I Loved: She pulls off her Jaeger.
What I Didn't: Honey child has a really hard time with that handstand.

3. Megan Skaggs Day 2

Score: 11.45 (4.9 D, 6.55 E)
Place: 21st 
What I Loved: A fairly strong dismount.
What I Didn't: Those are some icky handstands, also, the tkachev fall.

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  1. Megan has a beautiful FX routine! Lovely presentation & dance. Megan & Shannon M, really impressed me. Both have some really pretty gymnastics. I already new all the other fantastic juniors. These two are my under the radar picks. I like Ashley Foss too.