Sunday, March 25, 2012

Six Year Old Commentary Sunday: McKayla Maroney at Worlds

Sofia: Hey! She has the same outfit as the girl from Boston. 
Me: She sure does.
Sofia: What's her name?
Me: McKayla Maroney.
Sofia: Why does she have food in her name?
Me: What?
Sofia: Maroney sounds like Pepperoni.
Me: Oh?
Sofia: That was a good vault!
Me: Why do you think she was so good?
Sofia: She didn't bend her legs. And cause she can run really fast.
*McKayla does her second Vault*
Me: Which do you think was better?
Sofia: The first one. She twisted more times.
Me: You see whose flag is number one?
Sofia: America! Let's watch her again.
Me: On what event?
Sofia: Umm... floor.

Me: What?
Sofia: (referring to the floor) White, Blue, White, Blue.
*McKayla's Third Pass*
Sofia: WOAH! That was so good.
Me: Yeah?
Sofia: She did so many flips and then she didn't go out of the white.

Sofia to replace Elfi for the 2024 Olympics. :)


  1. Why 2024 and not 2012?

  2. I would MUCH rather listen to Sofia commentate than the goons on NBC any day.