Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Catching up down the "Roe-d" to JO Nationals

So Miss Haylee Roe has been up to quite a lot since we last talked to her. Let's take a look meet by meet and see how things went!

Alamo Classic - January 27 & 28th - San Antonio, TX
Successes: Qualifying to Event Finals & Winning both Beam & Floor!

Challenges: Falling on her first vault in All Around Finals, although she did land her second one well.

Interesting Moment: "I was a little cold when I competed (beam in event finals) so I was more tight. I had a wobble on my series and a step on the dismount but other than that it was a good routine. I scored a 9.7. In the middle of my routine the crowd went wild because Mack Brannan scored a 10.0 on her bar routine before I went. They actually went crazy when I was on my switch leap and I was like 'why are they cheering, it's just a switch leap?' But then I realized she went before me and did a great routine."

Event Final Results: (Out of 51 Total Jr. Level 10 Gymnasts)
BB: 9.7 (1st Tie)
FX: 9.75 (1st)

All Around Results: 
VT: 9.525 (2nd)
UB: 9.425 (1st)
BB: 9.75 (1st)
FX: 9.7 (1st)
AA: 38.4 (1st)

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Manhattan Classic - February 4th & 5th - New York, NY

Property of Kelsey Aucoin
Successes: "Beam was great. I love to compete beam. I get a little nervous but I definitely love it. I had a great routine."

Challenges: "My competition vaults weren't very good. I fell on my full, so I did a layout for my second vault and took a
 couple steps back.'

Interesting Moment: "After the meet I hung out with most of my team and had a blast. We went to a pizza place and after we went to Serendipity for frozen hot chocolate. It was one of the best things I ever had. On Sunday we were up early to go to Carlos Bakery. It was quite the experience. We took the subway to get there and stood in line for about an hour. The desserts were so yummy. Afterwards we took the subway back to New York and stopped at the World Trade Center. It was an awesome experience."

All Around Results:
VT: 9.0 (6th)
UB: 9.1 (3rd)
BB: 9.575 (2nd)
FX: 9.6 (1st)
AA: 37.275 (2nd)

Metroplex Challenge - February 18th & 19th - Fort Worth, TX
"Metroplex Challenge didn't go quite like how I planned. I rolled my ankle the Thursday before the meet. I ended up having a sprain and a old fracture I never knew about. I was disappointed I couldn't compete but loved supporting my team. The whole weekend was a blast though I hung out with my team and old teammates. It was awesome."

Zenith Spring Invitational - March 10th & 11th - McKinney, TX

Successes: Although she didn't compete her hardest routines, Hayley hit AA!

Challenges: "This was my first meet back since I injured my ankle, so I was a little nervous."

Interesting Moment: "The level 8s, 9s & 10s were all in the were all in the session so there was so much excitement & fun."

All Around Results: 
VT: 9.525 (2nd)
UB: 9.6 (1st)
BB: 9.65 (1st)
FX: 9.5 (1st)
AA: 38.275 (1st)

So that brings us to today, where Haylee is currently preparing for the State meet and hopefully beyond! Things are looking good for her so far. She's won the Beam, Floor & All Around Titles in all of her meets but one a piece.

Here she is talking with Gymnastike about goals, upgrades, college & more at the Alamo Classic

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