Monday, March 26, 2012

Lindenwood Lions : Fast Facts with Alicia Floyd

Property of Alicia Floyd
Gym: Airborne Gymnastics in Santa Clara, CA

Coaches: Liz Crandell & Mik Nelke 

Intended Major: Undecided, but she's interested in Exercise Science and Sports Management. 

Event She'll Contribute Most on: "It's hard to say, I hope to contribute in the All Around but my favorite event is floor and it's the one I'm the most confident in." 

Most Difficult Skills she's Competing:  Full Twisting Yurchenko and Tkachev. 

3 words her coaches would use to describe her: Leader, Dedicated, Good Teammate. 

Proudest Moment in Gymnastics: "One of my proudest moments in gymnastics is now, knowing that all the hard work and sacrifices have resulted in the opportunity to compete for Lindenwood Gymnastics. I'm proud that I have stuck with it this long and am excited for the journey ahead!" 

Why Lindenwood?: "The excitement of starting a new gymnastics program and I felt a great connection from Coach Gretchen at the very start. I also thought the campus was very beautiful."  

What she hopes to accomplish while at Lindenwood: "I hope to start a great name for Lindenwood Gymnastics and have a memorable 4 years. I also hope to inspire other schools to add gymnastics to their programs because I think it is a great sport that everyone enjoys. I also hope to meet some of my best friends along this journey and have a successfull fun gymnastics career during my time at LU. As the very first class I hope that my teamates and I can become a family and start amazing traditions that the classes to follow will carry on forever. I hope that we can get the community excited about the new gymnastics program and set the standards for the following classes very high. I want to show Lindenwood and many other schools how fun and exciting Gymnastics is."

Fun Fact: "I LOVE Chocolate... Shhh... Don't tell Gretchen!"   

Here she is at last weekend's North California Championships-

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