Monday, March 12, 2012

Pac Rim & Jesolo Team Selection

So in the past 24 hours, the Pac Rim & Jesolo lists were posted. While some fans were surprised by who made the list, I was more surprised by who didn't.

A few who didn't make the team make perfect sense: Mackenzie Caquatto & Jessie DeZiel are away at school, while Alicia Sacramone is recovering from that awful achilles injury. Hallie Mossett is injured and Bridget Sloan & Bridgette Caquatto (now at Texas Dreams) are rumored to be.Then there are also the girls who seem to get passed over time and time again. (Amanda Jetter being the prime example here.)

Property of Greg Long
  I'm confused about a few of the "major players" who we mysteriously haven't heard from this year.

Sabrina Vega is missing in action. She may or may not have been at camp, but she isn't headed to a meet this year after performing satisfactorily at Worlds in October.

Where is Shawn Johnson? She was definitely at camp this time around yet didn't make either team. With all due respect, how am I to believe that this girl has a shot at the team, if last year's 12th Place Junior Brianna Brown was chosen before her?

If Marta is indeed "testing the waters" with the less experienced girls, then why send Raisman & Maroney to Jesolo instead of Baker & Winston. Or Wofford for that matter. (She had a 6.3 Beam SV at Classics last year and is training MAJOR upgrades on bars).

In any case, I hope that the USA does well at these two meets.

Property of Jessica Frankl
I'm thrilled for all of the girls headed out, but particularly little Bailie Key who's headed out for her first international assignment. I am also VERY excited to see that Rebecca Bross is headed back, although I worry that it could be too soon. I sincerely hope that she stays healthy.

Maybe Marta will have Jordyn just compete Vault and Beam so that Gabby Douglas can take the Pac Rim Title. (Please?!) The six girls on the team are all powerhouses and have enormous scoring potential. While bars is their collectively weakest event, I don't really see any holes on the team at all.

Any guesses on the US Jesolo Amanar Count? There are five girls on the team who have competed an Amanar before, but it's possible that there may be even more now that we're into an Olympic Year. On a team of 14 (9 seniors & 5 Juniors), I'm not really sure what the format will be, but I do know the scores will be phenomenal.

Ahhhhh... I'm starting to get giddy about how deep the USA is right now.

... ... ... Yup, I'm back.


  1. She probably sent Aly and McKayla to make sure the younger girls dont freak out (ie so they will still win) Also why 9 seniors that is one short of 2 teams! Maybe Marta is still deciding on a 10th person! I am also surprised about Shawn but who knows where she is skills wise after her rehab break!

  2. The only thing I can think on Shawn is that she just wasn't ready. She seemed pretty nervous that she didn't have enough time to be ready by trials... She has so many naysayers that having her compete poorly might do more damage than good. Still really hoping she can get it together in time, but you're right. It doesn't look good.

    But I am with you... Sabrina Vega is a mystery.

  3. I hope Wofford's jump from WOGA didn't hurt her. She is amazing and I would have really liked to see her at Jesolo instead of some of the girls I have never heard of.

    1. I agree, I saw her at HNI and she looked amazing, her Bars was great! there are some videos of her competing at HNI and I would like her to go to Jesolo? I think Valeriy has something to do about it....

  4. I'm surprised to see Jordyn on the PacRim team, too, especially since she competed so recently at the American Cup. I want her to remain healthy on this road to the Olympics!! I was expecting to see Sabrina Vega or Shawn Johnson on one or both of these teams. Well, I suppose Marta knows what she's doing!

    1. Kellogg sponsors PacRims so that's why Jordyn's there... Kellogg is one of her sponsors

    2. Nice Observation Katrina! But sheesh, that's unfortunate if that's how they choose teams because someone else could have gotten a real shot at showing their skills off. Hmph.

  5. When did Caquatto move to Texas Dreams? and Why? sooo many questions. And I think Marta love Valarie, so for Wofford to leave because of him, doesn't sit to well with Marta.

  6. McKayla did an awesome job, I love her personality.