Thursday, March 29, 2012

A bunch of random thoughts I need to get out of my system. Don't judge.

I was trying to write a blog for next week, and too many random thoughts kept flowing through my head, so I decided to get all of them out of my system. Here we go...
(If you're going to bitch about anything that I'm saying, just don't waste your time. Thanks...)

I'm really legitimately shocked that Randi Lau isn't 12.

Anyone who wants to write their gym/college team's name in giant letters across their leos deserves to have their toenails pulled out with pliers.

Property of LSU
I want Jordyn Wieber on my McDonalds cup.

Kathy Johnson shouldn't be allowed on HD.

I keep forgetting Rebecca Bross is a contender... Wait... Is she?

Is it time for the Olympics yet?

Mackenzie Brannan is too skinny to go to Alabama

It's going to really suck if everybody gets injured before July.

I think Diandra Milliner looks like a lot like Jordan Moore. Is that racist?

I want to know what the deal is with Asi Peko and why she hasn't signed with UCLA.

Also, why does the girl on MIOBI have a bunny?

Property of Gym Examiner
Where is Sabrina Vega? I really hope that she's not injured. She's gonna be a kick ass alternate.

You know when Mohini Bhardwaj did a Double Layout into Punch Front? That was crazy. More people should do that.

Jesus Christ I need to stop drinking so much caffeine to get through 12 hour days.

Woah. I lost a lot of respect for the Excalibur Coaches based on this article. (via IGF)

Mmmk. That's all.


  1. You lost a lot of respect for the Excalibur coaches? I lost ALL respect for them. I've heard a ton of bad things about the coaches but this was the final nail. The article is just disgusting, and Sandy Stageberg needs to have a seat.

    Im glad Gabby left. She got SOOOOOOOO much better at Chows.

  2. "You know when Mohini Bhardwaj did a Double Layout into Punch Front? That was crazy. More people should do that."

    -Like Vanessa Atler, Jamie Dantzscher, Ludivine Furnon & others did, before her? It is a stellar pass and was moderately popular in the 00' quad. Atler's, with the addition of the jump at the end, is of most note to me. Stunning gymnastics.

  3. I think you should do more random posts like this...I think it's pretty funny, and you're not the only one who's thinking about those topics!

  4. Maybe Gabby's doing so much better now, because she got away from fighting coaches. Two coaches training a star elite gymnast is a recipe for disaster. Also, she's now in a more stable home without financial worries. It's completely tacky to go out of thier way to mention her family problems. I think you can't deny. That they gave Gabby, a fabulous foundation. Her from is fantastic, especially on bars. How many American gymnasts, have we seen with exceptional natural talent and bad form.

  5. "Mackenzie Brannan is too skinny to go to Alabama" bahahaha

  6. Ok, except that article also kind of makes Gabby and her mom look bad. I mean - Excaliber might not have been the best place for Gabby to shine and she is doing great at Chow's. BUT - these coaches also gave her a strong foundation and deserve some credit for her success, it doesn't seem appropriate to bad mouth them in the press. It just seems like Gabby (who has 14 at the time so can't really be blamed) and her Mom probably should have been a bit more mature and honest with the whole switching gyms thing...

  7. I Posted this on Gymtruthteller and I'll post it here as well:

    I feel like this article is really petty… Athletes change gyms ALL the time, half the girls on the national team have had major gym changes throughout their career (Just one example: Mckayla Maroney switched from Kyla Ross’s gym to Mattie Larson’s gym because SHE -the Athlete- needed something else, and both Maroney and Ross have a legitimate shot at London. If Excalibur was so great, they’d have had another Olympic contender, maybe not in this quad but in years before, but they never have). You may be in the most “professional” environment, but if you and your coaches aren’t clicking, then you may need a fresh set of eyes to get you to perform a higher level.

    I understand bitter feelings when you feel like you’re developing an Olympic caliber gymnast and they move but, “charge it to the game” and move on. You can feel hurt, but you don’t have to bad mouth a child and her mother in the media to cope. I love the bit with Sandy Stageberg too lol. Randy Stageberg is/was a talented gymnast but she had no shot at the 2008 Olympic squad. Gabby doesn’t want to just “make it to trials” she wants to be one of only five girls to be selected to go to London. And there are a lot of politics in USAG so if Martha told her “You need to leave Excalibur if you want a shot in 2012″ I’m sure she chose to do just that.

    There is way more at stake here than just a few hurt feelings, a gymnast realistically has one chance to make an Olympic team with the new rules in place and I’m sorry but if I was Gabby, sparing feelings is not going to make me derail a goal I’ve had for my entire life. It’s really unfortunate that her old coaches chose to take a shot at her family’s financial woes and personal conflicts to make it seem like they were the only stable thing the child had in life when she decided to leave. You don’t have to like Gabby as a gymnast, but this article is in very poor taste.

  8. Asi Peko hurt her ankle (I believe) and had surgery a few months ago. So she won't be joining UCLA until next season.

    Sabrina Vega is not hurt, she was just not ready for an international assignment yet according to Marta. We'll see her at Classics.

  9. Wow that article about excalibur is so ridiculous I can't even get through the whole thing. It's completely childish 'he said she said' garbage.

    Also, national team member get a $2000 monthly stipend??? Holy crap!!

  10. KimberlyRose3/30/12, 11:56 PM

    I agree with Lisa that the article doesn't make Gabby's mom look good, either. It's pretty low to accept all that financial help and then not be willing to pay it back. She's scoffing at the suggestion that it was $20,000, but for training, travel, and so on, the amount actually sounds low. It almost makes me wonder if someone didn't make an offhand "you can pay us back when we get her to the Olympics," and her mom took them seriously. Given her attitude in the article, I'm not surprised the coaches feel like they've been stabbed in the back.

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