Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Terrible Tuesdays - Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice, that's what awful floor music is made of.

No, seriously. When I was at classics, I leaned over to the person I came with and said "Wow, I hope Bailie Key doesn't have a cutesy floor routine."
"What do you mean?" she asked.

And then the music started:

"This," I said, "This is exactly what I mean by cutesy."

Bailie Key is a phenomenal gymnast. Kim Zmeskal is an excellent choreographer. This music, however, makes me want to crawl in a hole and never come out.

Lizzy LeDuc's 2009 routine made me want to scream as well, and Dominique Moceanu was one of the biggest culprits of all.

Yes, I hear you all, "But it's age appropriate."

If I wanted to see a 12 year old perform an age appropriate routine, I'd go to Level 8 states, not Jesolo. This routine isn't age appropriate for Bailie. She performs a triple for god's sake! So why is she dancing to carnival music?!

I feel like Bailie could keep the same routine, with similar choreography and just change her music and this routine would be 1000x better!


  1. i love Bailie's music (and Lizzy's for that matter)! you shouldn't dislike someone's music becuase you don't think they should have it or becuase it makes the routine 'cutesy', you should dislike it becuase you dont like the music you are hearing, regardless of who the gymnast is and what they are performing. i don't really know how to put this in to words, but you shouldn't hate on her music like this anyway. people judge gymnasts so much on their music and choreography these days, and it creates a lasting impression until the gymnast get new music, then it starts all over again. on one hand, i hate how gymnastics isn't really artistic anymore, on all pieces, so sometimes i let that get in the way of seeing how good the gymnast really is (only occasionally though, and i hate myself for doing it!). on the other hand, i love how gymnasts express themselves (well, most of them) in different ways, becuase some routines that arent traditional, like Wieber's or Hundley's, can be really entertaining. i also think there shouldnt be classes of 'cutesy' or 'mature' floor routines, becuase what one person might see as cute, another might think is beautiful and flowing. and these two opinions might be totally different to what the gymnast thinks of it, which is what's more important.

    sorry for the verryyy long rant lol, i just had to comment on this, i dont really know why though, haha. love your blogs! :)

    1. Different music can suit different gymnasts. It's perfectly legitimate to dislike the music choice because of the gymnast who performs to it. There's nothing wrong with cutesy music or carnival music, but I agree that particular piece Bailie Key is using is terrible.

  2. It's still a fantastic routine. So much attention to detail in the choreography. Bailey was amazing. The Texas Dreams are fast becoming one of my favorite gyms. They have lovely artistry. Without all the horrible history of GAGE. In fact the opposite of GAGE, all you hear is good things about the training environment. The thing I was annoyed about, was they changed her gorgeous beam mount and gave her a boring one. That everyone else uses. Their beautiful beam routines, with unusual mounts and lovely execution. Is one of the things, I love most about Texas Dreams. I hope they're not changing that!

  3. I think the difference is that Lizzy LeDuc's floor music was a disney song meant for children. Bailie's music is a more "ethnic" song that might play at a fair where adults and children will dance. It is not solely children's music. Also, I think while they're young they should play up the cutsie. You don't get to be "young" and cute in gymnastics for long. Make the most of it!

  4. Of all the great things you could say about Baillie Key, you choose to rail on her floor music??!

  5. hate the music, but love Bailie routine, How about to watch it without sound LOL