Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Roe-d to JO Nationals - Regionals

Well, we're reaching the end of the roe-d pretty soon! A few weeks ago, Haylee competed at the regional championships, and won the gold on beam and the silver all around!

"Regionals went pretty good. There was a small mistake at the beginning but I picked it up and hit my last 3 events. I was especially proud of myself because after having a mistake I pretended it didn't happen and hit my last 3 events just about as good as I can. We started out on floor and I competed my full in for the second time this season. I almost fell on it and landed very low and took 2 steps forward. I probably had around 4 or 5 tenths of deductions. I hit the rest of my routine and finished with a 9.0. Not an ideal score but could have been worse, so I am pleased with that. We went to vault and I had a great warmup and landed in a low squat on the first one but landed very well on the second one with a small step. I had a 9.5. Next we went to bars and I hit one of the best bar routines this season. I hit my handstands and stuck the dismount. I got a 9.575. On beam, I had a good warmup in the back gym. I had one mistake but it wasn't bad. We went to do my 30 second touch and fell on my series which isn't normal for me. I got back up and repeated to stick and stuck the rest of my warmup. I hit my routine and stuck everything except the dismount. My coaches and I were happy that after starting out with a mistake on floor that I was able to hit my last 3 events like nothing ever happened. I finished 1st on beam, 3rd on bars, 5th on vault, and 2nd all around. I MADE IT TO NATIONALS!! :)"

Way to go Haylee! You made it! :D Congrats, and we can't wait to hear how it goes! 

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