Sunday, April 1, 2012

Six Year Old Commentary Sundays : Gabrielle Douglas's 2011 Championships Beam

As requested by someone on twitter, I've posted Sofia's reactions to Gabby's unfortunate beam mishaps.

Sofia: Let's watch Gabrielle.
Me: Okay.
Sofia: What's that?
Me: I'm pretty sure she's got a band-aid on her butt.
Sofia: Bekah, don't say butt, say bottom.
Me: Oh, alright.
Sofia: Aw...she fell. That's bad.
Me: Yeah?
Sofia: Oh-Em.* She fell again. ... Ooh, that part was good though!
Me: What made it good?
Sofia: Her splits in the air were really pretty!
Me: I agree.
Sofia: *gasp* She fell again?!
Me: Yup.
Sofia: Is it almost over? I don't want her to fall again.
Me: Yup.
Sofia: That last part was good. (meaning the dismount)
Me: What about the whole routine?
Sofia: It was bad, cause she fell a lot.
Me: Do you still like her?
Sofia: (as if I'm stupid) YEAH! She can get her splits really high in the air!

(Sofia struggles to say the letter "G", so she walks around saying "Oh-Em")


  1. I love when she says, "Is it almost over? I don't want her to fall again." That's the way I felt for most of nationals last year haha.

  2. You should show her Gabby's bars one day, she'll love it