Part 4 : Connections

In today's state of gymnastics connections are what often makes the difference between a very good and a spectacular routine. The code specifies a very specific set of connections that will add value to the routine. They can be found in section one in the code of points and you can also find them here.

Direct connections are connections that need to be done within just a few seconds of the last skill being completed without having an transitional skill (like an extra giant or a back handspring) in-between skills on bars and floor.

Indirect connections are only applicable on floor and can be performed in a series with back handsprings in between.

Aly Raisman's first pass would receive .4 on CV. .2 is for her indirect connection of a 1.5 Layout (C) through to a Double Arabian (E). The other .2 CV is for the direct connection of the Double Arabian (E)  to the Punch Front Layout (B).

Unless specifically noted in the code, combinations can be competed in any order. This is the reasons that the romanian girls have been adding back tucks to their tumbling passes. That fulfills the A/B+E direct connection on floor, even though it's flip flopped.

Connections also explain the reason why gymnasts perform leaps out of tumbling passes. If a gymnast connects the leap to a D or higher tumbling skill, she'll receive a .1 CV Bonus. (Like Aly did on her final tumbling pass).

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