Part 3 : Composition Requirements

For each event, FIG requires for gymnasts to do certain things in order to receive all 2.5 of their CV Value.

The Uneven Bars requirements are: 
-A Transition from Low Bar to High Bar and from High Bar to Low Bar
-A release skill that doesn't transition bars
-A skill with 2 different grips and a close bar circle 
-A pirouette with at least a full turn 
-A dismount with a difficulty of D or higher 

The Balance Beam requirements are:
-A Full Turn (or higher)
-An acro series with at least 2 flight elements
-2 Dance Skills in combination, one has to be a leap (typically both are leaps)
-Acrobatic elements both backward and sideward/forward
-A dismount with a difficulty of D or higher

The Floor requirements are: 
-A dance pass with 2 leaps, one has to reach a 180 degree split
-Acrobatic elements both backward and forward/sideward
-A tumbling pass with 2 different saltos (flips without hands)
-A flipping element that twists at least 360 degrees and a double flipping element
-A dismount with a difficulty of D or higher

Pretty straightforward, right? Each of the requirements give you .5 in your start value. If you miss the requirements, you don't get the .5. If you do a C dismount instead of a D dismount, you get .3 instead of point five. But otherwise, it's an all or nothing kind of thing.

Let's practice! You'll see a routine and then you have to decide what the CR, or Composition Requirement score would be. Look at the list above and use it as a check list... (You might want to turn off the sound so the announcer's don't ruin it.) The answers are below all three videos.

What did you get for the first video? Nastia's CR Value would be 2.0. The only thing that she missed was the D dismount or above. She only competed a layout flyaway which is only an "A" in the code.

How about the second video? It's clear that Terin's beam routine wasn't made for this code, so she's missing her dance series. Her score would also be a 2.0.

And finally, Miss Mattie Larson's mistakes caused her to miss two of the requirements. She missed the tumbling pass with 2 saltos, as well as a frontward/sideward skill. So, her total CR value would be a 1.5.

There's only one more catch in the area of Composition Requirements. On Beam and Floor, there's a clause snuck into the code to try to further unify the requirements for each gymnast. This deduction isn't part of the difficulty score, like the CR value, but it's a deduction taken by the E Panel.

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On beam, the requirement is that the gymnast must show "sufficient use of the entire beam apparatus". Essentially, you've got to have an element where your torso or head touches the beam. It doesn't even have to be a skill, you can just lay down and get right back up, like Aly Raisman does. You'll get a deduction of .1 if you don't.

The floor exercise also requires that you roll around on the ground (god knows why), with the same potential deduction of .1. You also must perform a full turn on one foot or you'll receive a deduction of .3.

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