Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Twas the night before finals...

Twas the night before finals and all through the net, 
The gymnernet waited and started to fret.
Filled with excitement, knowing drama's ahead, 
Visions of Amanars, danced through my head.  

While lying awake, I started to think, 
What will they wear? Will the leos be pink?
Will Jordyn stay strong? And with Gabby on beam, 
Can the USA Women fulfill such a dream?

To win the team gold, it will sure be a fight, 
with the USA's lead just ever so slight,
Russia could overcome with their fabulous bars,
Either team could win big and become the new stars.

When thinking of this, I started to shake,
and decided to stop and just take a quick break,
So to twitter I headed and started to read,
and quickly found bitching about Aly's lead.

"She sucks", one girl wrote, "Ew, her toes!" another read,
 And yet still a few more were just tweeting with dread,
about Marta's choices, the rules and results,
a few more went on and sent Douglas insults.

As I kept reading tweets, I just had to yell "FUCK!"
Can you not just be funny and make jokes like Buck?
It's okay to be funny, without being a dick,
But to hate on sweet Gabby? You're just fucking sick.

As I read and I read I became more enraged,
With the BS on twitter, the girls are upstaged!
This is the Olympics! It's about the sport!
We shouldn't be hating, we should give support.

It's McKayla, Gabby, Kyla, Aly & Jo,
These girls are so fierce even with a bad toe.
While the placements have changed these girls still are on top,
We don't know if they'll stay there, or whether they'll flop.

We'll find out tomorrow, when finals begins,
 which countries will fail or will earn their first wins,
I can't believe that tomorrow the day will arrive,
when I'll get to cheer for my favorite Fierce 5.


  1. Why do people hate on Gabby? Beats me. But then why does that no 1 douchebag Aunt Joyce hate on the sweet little Canadian girls so much that he goes out of his way to attack them?

    1. Gabby's a funny one. For some people, she seems full of life and joie de vivre and her smile lights up the room. For others, she seems somewhat undeservedly arrogant and her personality seems to rub those people the wrong way. I think she can also come off a little tone deaf in interviews, in terms of what is going on around her, rather than what is going on with her. There are two things that bug me, to be honest. One, I hate it when people in sports start rambling about God and Jesus. I have nothing against God and Jesus -- I'm just not convinced they care about sporting events. Two, (and this is less her, more NBC) I'm finding it very hard to believe she legitimately considered quitting earlier this year, so it comes off as fakey drama. But everyone has their favorites and their less favorites, and Gabby is a stellar gymnast and deserves a good showing after all her hard work. I'm rooting for her. It's time for the vitriol against her and Aly to stop. It makes gym fans look like such jerks.

  2. Brilliant Poem!

  3. YES!! THIS!!! That poem was epic! And AJ needs to work on his double toe loop and sit-spin the f*ck down somewhere!


  5. Loved this!! You're so awesome!!! Keep up your all so true gymnastics blogs!

  6. BabyGymStalker7/31/12, 5:32 AM

    OMG Bekah, LOVE THIS! :D

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  9. The reason people don't like Gabby is because she lacks artistry and she comes off as full of herself. Gabby has a lot of good qualities, but she also has plenty to workout on.

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  11. I love this so much. It made me laugh and describes what everyone is feeling during the Olympics perfectly!