Thursday, July 26, 2012

My thoughts on USA's Podium Training...

Okay, so I just watched podium training, as I was at work while it was airing live. (Don't worry! I'll be able to watch everything else live!) Here are my thoughts on the American performances, as those were the only ones that I, like most of you, were able to see.

NBC Sports
-This whole thing was fierce. If the USA wins, this will be why. They are head and shoulders above everyone on this event. I mean, in my opinion, Paseka was put on the Russian team for an Amanar about as strong as our WEAKEST vaulter, Kyla.
-I was pleased to see that McKayla is vaulting like herself, which I anticipated. Even though she is dealing with a minor foot injury.
-I wish that there were a reason for Kyla to compete her vault that DIDN'T involve anyone else getting kicked off the lineup due to injury/whatever. That DTY is gorgeous and often stuck.

Uneven Bars: 
-NBC really bugged me with their coverage here. I suppose I should be grateful for anything but I do NOT want to see people chalking up over a Dougie release EVER.
-I honestly worry about Jo struggling on bars in TF and hitting at other points. Call me crazy, but her whole situation reminds me of Carly Patterson.
-I love how different Kyla and Gabby are on this event, and yet they're both so strong!
-To those of you freaking out, the whole point of this training is to get used to the equipment. It's not surprising that they fell some.

-I LOVED how quickly the women worked on this event. The second one girl was of, the next was on.
-Kyla Ross should do a press to handstand mount on beam. It could be really pretty.
-Super proud of Kyla & Gabby for not missing a fucking beat when they turned the lights off.
-WAIT! Somone's floor music is the song from the P&G mom commercial! Or is that just what they play in the background?

-The thought that Kyla will likely go up on FX in prelims makes me die a little bit inside. She seems like a really sweet girl, but that floor... ugh.
-Gabby's floor seemed more appropriate for the venue than I expected. Maybe it's the hot pink podium?
-Jordyn seemed less... connected than usual. Maybe it's nerves? Maybe it's because there's no crowd.
-Weird front tuck instead of front layout from Aly. I wonder if she was worried about getting it around or if that's the new plan?

Random Thoughts: 
NBC Sports
-I have to be honest, I didn't dislike the leotard, but it reminded me of a sparkly pink pot leaf.
-The pink podium looks great on camera, but does indeed clash with the Gymnova mats.
-It's really pissing me off that people feel the need to pit Jordyn & Gabby against each other saying things like "they haven't interacted at all." Jordyn doesn't interact with people on the podium really. That's just not how she rolls. It's bad enough for 12 year old girls to make up vicious rivalries, it's worse when members of the associated press do it.
-Pink is a good color on Marta.

You can watch a replay of podium training here :


  1. Can't watch without a tv service provider! Any other links??? I really would love to see!

    1. Not likely, I highly doubt USAG have the rights to stick it on youtube. Individual routines might go up though.

    2. I had the exact same problem! It really stinks. I was sososo frustrated. 13shifter posted the rotations on youtube though!

  2. Ellie Black has the P&G floor music I think

  3. Thanks so much! I didn't realize that we could watch the training!

  4. You wot be able to watch anything online without an account... So plan accordingly.

  5. Okay, but you missed the big story -- Aly POINTED HER TOES on UB. Aly. Toes. Pointed. UB.

  6. I didn't even know that was Aly her toes were so pointed.. I was quite impressed!!

  7. ". I mean, in my opinion, Paseka was put on the Russian team for an Amanar about as strong as our WEAKEST vaulter, Kyla."

    I agree if the US wins it will be because of vault. But we don't know that about Paseka. Reports were that her Amanars in the training hall were very good. And she did have to show ability to land them at some internal competitions in Russia. She's just inexperienced with it...

    Every team at the end of the day has their weak links etc... Russia's alternate after all is a stronger bar worker than Jordyn. If the Russians hit their routines including the Amanars they really might have this because they are going to score significantly higher on bars. Word on the street too is at the very least Komova's Amanar is excellent.. (IG compared it to Maroney's). I doubt its that good but if she can score around what Maroney scores than that's a cancel out right there.

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  9. I really like your website and have a question that you can answer for sure. With a score of 15.9, why is Gabby Douglas not in vault finals?

    1. Barbara, The reason Gabby Douglass isn't in the vault final is that she doesn't compete a second vault. The girls who qualified for the finals competed two different vaults, and their qualifying scores were the average of the two. So many gymnasts with one excellent vault, including Gabby, didn't do a second vault and therefore weren't actually competing to get into the vault finals.

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