Friday, May 4, 2012

American Classic Preview - The Seniors (and some bonus girls)

With only 5 competing gymnasts, the Senior Division is quite a bit smaller than its Junior counterpart. 

Casey Jo Magee (Western Michigan? Independent?) is by far the most experienced gymnast in the division. She's the only gymnast in the division old enough to have a driver's license, let alone a college degree! After a strong career at the University of Arkansas, Magee made the decision to try to qualify as an elite. Not only did Magee qualify, but she's been impressing fans with her phenomenal beam set.

Kennedy Baker (Texas Dreams), a current Senior National Team Member, is also set to compete. She is, in my opinion, the most under appreciated gymnast in the country, and is excellent on bars. Her flair on floor consistently makes me smile.

Property of Jessica Frankl
Fresh off of winning the WOGA Classic, Mackenzie Brannan (Capital), seems to have adjusted well to growing a few inches in the off season. Although Mack's never been one to compete "cutesy" routines, this year, she seems more mature than ever. Watch for her gorgeous lines and beautifully stuck tumbling passes.

Abby Milliet (pictured right) of Denton has always been one of those gymnasts whose name I've known, but I've never really paid much attention to. After watching a few of her routines, I wish I had. Abby won last year's American Classic as a junior and her strongest events are floor and vault.

Ericha Fassbender (Stars) was on the 2010-2011 Jr. National Team and was the 2010 Top Gym UB Champion. Ericha has big skills that she sometimes struggles with, but when she hits, she's fabulous. I'm personally a fan of her beam routine.

The USAG release says that Claire Hammen also will compete, but she competed today and didn't score high enough to qualify. I'm not sure what's up with that.

I also wanted to mention that 7 juniors not mentioned yesterday qualified based on today's scores.

Property of USAG
1. Nica Hults (Texas Dreams) - If you've been under a rock, watch her beam set tomorrow!
2. Maggie Nichols (Twisters) - Won Vault today, following teammate Jessie DeZiel?
3. Lauren Hernandez (Monmouth) - On the National Team Training Squad, Strong BB & FX
4. Jessica Wang (Winners) - Qualified to Classics last year, strongest event is UB
5. Alexis Beucler (CGA) - "Poof", the newest one of MLT's prodigies, decent AA
6. Taylor Lawson (Parkettes) - Nice Lines, doesn't seem to be "chucking" like many Parkettes
7. Ashton Kim (Texas Dreams) - This poor girl has been injured too long. She's fab though.

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