Monday, May 28, 2012

The 10 prettiest moments of 2012 Jr. US Classics

10. Amelia Hundley on floor. It's a full twisting split leap and it's sky high. I love it! 

9. Ashley Foss on floor. It's not the highest ring leap, but I think it's pretty beautiful

8. Nica Hults effortlessly pulls a sheep jump out of nowhere after a switch leap-back tuck combo.

7. New comer Lauren Hernandez with an almost Dougie-like Tkachev. She missed the catch, but was beautiful in the air. 

6. Katelyn Ohashi's ring leap on beam. If it weren't for her toes, she'd be even higher up on the list.

5. Polina Shchennikova's sheep jump. It's prettier in motion than it is as a still. 

 4. Bailie Key's Layed out Gienger that easily rivals Nastia's. LOVE. I hope she can keep it once she grows.


3. Shannon McNatt's stag ring jump on beam. I don't feel like we see this jump a lot. More people should do it. 

2. Megan Skagg's ring leap on floor. It's only #2 because it's on floor and not beam. 

1. Bailie Key's ring leap on beam. If this isn't gorgeous, I don't know what is. 

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