Friday, October 28, 2011

Pan American Games - Beam Finals

(Grace Chiu)

Can someone explain to me what world the judges were living in? In my opinion, 3 girls got up and hit routines with tiny tiny errors, 2 had a little bit larger errors and 3 girls fell off the beam.  In what world does a girl who fell get to medal over girls who hit beautiful routines?

The scoring system is what it is, so let's just disregard D scores for the time being. WHERE were the nearly two points of deductions in Gomez and Vaculik's routines? I legitimately thought that they'd both score in the high 8s, maybe even in the low 9s. They both scored in the low 8s. I don't see it.

(Property of GymCan, Grace Chiu) 
Karla Salazar, had a good routine, with minor errors and (gasp) actual choreography. She somehow scored in the 7s. While Daniele Hypolito fell and scored about .5 less than Salazar's E Score.  Jessica Gil Ortiz fell of the beam and got a 6.5 E Score.

It's not that I don't like Hypolito (I do, I promise!), that I have a problem with the code, or that I think that the judges were cheating one particular country. I just feel like the judges were all over the place. Vaculik bobbled ONCE, if I remember correctly, and it was small! How does that deserve an 8.125? I'm not a judge, and don't claim to be, but something seems out of whack here.

In any case, congratulations to all three of the medalists, and to all of the competitors who gave us beautiful routines today.


  1. You overlooked Hypólito when making predictions for the AA, when making predictions for the Event Finals and now you say she should not have won when her ONLY big mistake was a fall? Have you seen the other girls' routines? They were a joke. Those girls did not look as confident as Daniele except for the fall. You really know how to be disrespectful to an athlete, no question about it.

  2. I'm sorry if I upset you! I really do like Hypólito, as I said above. I just thought that Salazar's routine deserved higher than a score in the high 7s. And like many gymnastics fans, I can't stand seeing someone medal, especially on an event final, with a fall.

  3. I understand. No one likes when an athlete wins a medal with a fall, but it all depends on the competition. If she didn't fall, she would've placed first, 0.650 ahead of Porras, which shows how much better she was. It really sounds disrespectful to an athlete when someone questions their merit. But that's ok. I like your blog and I just believe you should understand that many people do feel upset when reading this kind of thing. But no worries.