Monday, October 31, 2011

NCAA Commits: Class of 2013 Elites

The Class of 2013 who are currently Juniors in high school: Where are they headed? 

Claire Boyce - Florida
Gym: Texas Dreams
About: Nationals in 09-10, Back Injury in 2011. She has beautiful lines!

Briley Casanova - Michigan
About: Former Jr. National Team Member, Great on Bars, Injury in 2011.

Amanda Jetter - Alabama 
Gym: CGA
About: A 3 time National Team Member, Perpetually injured but insanely talented.

Emma Sibson - Penn State
Gym: Zenith
About: Sibson is a strong "power gymnast" who's been an elite for 2 years now.

Gym: Brandy Johnson's 
About: Morgan was a 3 time national team member who's a strong all arounder. She didn't compete in at Championships in 2011. (She was considered to be class of 2012, but is is now class of 2013 per her website & GymDivas.) 

What about the Elites who haven't committed?: 

Jessica Howe
About: Qualified as an elite in 2011, competed at Championships.
Prediction: According to someone cool in the comments below, she is " fielding offers from UF, UCLA a

Sophia Lee
About: Great on Bars, she's been an elite since '09. May have a foot injury currently.
Prediction: Utah. Maybe because she has a Corrie Lothrop quality to her, or maybe because I just have a hunch, but I can see Sophia at Utah!

Hallie Mossett
About: She was an Alternate for the Pan Ams team, a 2 time National Team Member and a strong floor worker!
Predictions: As she's a Califonia Native, my first instinct says that Hallie would go to UCLA. She's visited along with UCLA commit Asi Peko and rumored commit DeJesus.

Sabrina Vega 
Gym: Dynamic
About: World Team Member, 4 time national team member, great lines and artistry.
Predictions: I can't picture Vega on many NCAA Teams, but I could see her at Stanford where gymnasts like Ivana Hong, Allyse Ishino and Sami Shaprio have gone.


  1. Any LSU news? :)

  2. For the class of 2013, I know that former Elite Ashely Lambert is headed to LSU. Her floor work is going to be PERFECT for NCAA!

  3. Sophina committed to UCLA, she'll be joining the team next year.

  4. oh and Jessie Howe is fielding offers from UF, UCLA and Stanford.

  5. Sophina and Hallie were spotted on a UCLA recruiting trip this past weekend along with (already committed) Asi Peko .... hmmmm. Could be interesting! I've always thought Sophina would do great with her already impressive dance career along with Miss Vals choreo!

  6. Are Gabby and McKayla sophomores because they were born in December? I guess it depends on what state they started Kindergarten.

  7. Yes. Gabby & McKayla are class of 2014.

  8. Has anybody heard anything about the McNair twins?