Tuesday, February 26, 2013

News From Camp!

As I'm sure you've heard at this point, first year seniors Simone Biles and Katelyn Ohashi are headed to the American Cup. Kyla Ross is out with a "heel injury".

Many others were interested to hear who would head out on the European Tour which encompasses the annual Jesolo meet as well as a meet in Germany. Bailie Key and Amelia Hundley were the only 2 juniors named to this team along with a number of Seniors, although I cannot confidently say which ones at this point.

One thing I can say with confidence is that no juniors were added to the National Team this camp.

Peyton Ernst was added to the National Team and received an invitation to both the European Tour and the Tokyo World Cup on April 6-7.

I believe that it is highly likely that more seniors were added to the National Team as well.

UPDATE: The European Training Team was chosen based on the Top 8 AA performers at camp. That included Peyton, Maggie Nichols & Abby Milliet. It did not include Kennedy Baker. (To clarify, she's still on the national team, but wasn't named to the European Squad.)

This is all of the information that I have at this point but will happy to share any additional information as I learn it.


  1. Thanks Bekah!!

  2. Wow, who is that picture of?

  3. Peyton Ernst

  4. Were there any other national team additions? Skinner? Nichols?

  5. McKayla twitted that the girls sent her this from the camp if anyone's interested

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  7. Sabrina Vega is still on the national team too right? Any news about her since she joined GAGE?

  8. As far as I am aware, Sabrina's training is going well at GAGE but her routines are not yet competition ready. Does anyone know if she has been attending camp?

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