Monday, October 15, 2012

October Camp & News 2012

It's camp time again, kids! 

Property of Heather Maynez
Kyla Ross tweeted earlier today that she'd be returning to the ranch this weekend as well. This certainly seems like a good sign for her 2013 prospects. It's my understanding that the other 4 Olympians will remain on tour.

Nia Dennis, who has a "very close" Amanar will be attending as well. The '99 born gymnast was injured this summer but is working on some pretty impressive skills. 

Although I do not have confirmation on if Rebecca Bross will be attending camp, The Couch Gymnast reported that she may be competing at the Mexican Gymnastics Gala in November. My 
guess is, if she will be competing then, she'll attend this camp as well.

Here's a list of who is going. This is not yet complete and will be updated as I receive more information: 

Kennedy Baker
Simone Biles
Bridget Dean
Nia Dennis
Peyton Ernst
Ariana Guerra
Nica Hults
Bailie Key
Maggie Nichols
Katelyn Ohashi
Elizabeth Price
Lexie Priessman
Kyla Ross
Ragan Smith

The October camp may serve as an opportunity to add gymnasts onto the National Team, although additional members may not be added until January. I will keep you updated with any information that I can find.  


  1. Why isn't Madison Kocian or Amelia Hundley on the camp? I hope they will continue training?

  2. Polina Shchennikova is definitely at camp according to the Tigar Gymnastics FB page! :)

  3. Confirmed additions to your list (may be others)

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  5. Good luck to all those going to the camp!

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