Friday, January 13, 2012

Hugs for Avery

We'll be back to the usual posts next week, but in the mean time I wanted to draw your attention to a young girl who could use our thoughts, prayers and support right now.

Avery Downing, a gymnast at River City Gymnastics in Memphis fell earlier this week in practice and is experiencing paralysis from the waist down.  Doctors have said that once the swelling goes down, she may regain feeling in her legs.

Her friends are asking for thoughts, prayers and support in this particularly troubling time.

While she doesn't have a public support website, you can tweet #hugsforavery and hopefully the support of the gymnastics community can trend and reach her. Let's band together as a community and really support this young girl.


  1. I thought of Avery when I read this:

    "Nine years ago as he sat in a wheelchair, doctors told Kieran Behan it was likely he might never walk again, let alone perform gymnastics – today he qualified for the Olympics..." – Full Twist

    Christine Lee and Jade Barbosa have similar stories of triumph, and I suspect Avery will too!

  2. Avery has a page on Caring Bridge.

    Thank you for posting on your blog! It is awesome how big the gymnastics world can be, yet when someone is in need, it is a small world.

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